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Wetlands are the link between land and water, and they are some of the most productive ecosystems in the world. They are not only beautiful but also functional, as they reduce storm damage and coastal erosion and provide one of the most productive ecosystems on earth. In Louisiana, marshes and swamps make up most of the wetlands.

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PC(USA) Environmental Ministries

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Environmental Ministries exists to equip and connect you, your church, and your presbytery for your earth care ministry.



Presbytery of South Louisiana

Joining Christ in the world, the Presbytery of South Louisiana strengthens congregations, empowers leaders, and impacts communities. The Presbytery of South Louisiana is a middle governing body of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).



Young Adult Volunteers (YAVs) in New Orleans

The YAVs program in New Orleans offers many opportunities to engage the city on different levels and to seek God in the tension of sorrow and celebration.



Audubon Nature Institute

Audubon Nature Institute, located in New Orleans, is a not-for-profit organization that celebrates the wonders of nature.



Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The EPA's Wetlands Program is dedicated to protecting the wetlands—one of the most important ecosystems in the world.



The U.S. Department of the Interior

The DOI protects America’s natural resources and heritage, honors our cultures and tribal communities, and supplies the energy to power our future.



Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA)

The CPRA works to establish a safe and sustainable coast that will protect our communities, the nation’s critical energy infrastructure, and our bountiful natural resources for generations to come.



Ducks Unlimited

The world’s leader in wetlands and habitat conservation.

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Wetlands Restoration Fund will provide financial support for a theological wetlands education center in the Presbytery of South Louisiana.


Support Audubon Nature Institute as it preserves native Louisiana habitats—like the wetlands—by educating our diverse audience about the natural world.


Help protect wetlands and the homes of threatened and endangered wildlife through Defenders of Wildlife—working to protect our nation's wildlife since 1947.


Ducks Unlimited supports the conservation, restoration, and management of wetlands and associated habitats for North America's waterfowl.

50 Ways to Help Save the Earth: How You and Your Church Can Make a Difference

This guide outlines 50 ways in which you, your congregation, and your local community can help fight global warming and enjoy participation in a vital part of Christian discipleship.



Inhabiting Eden: Christians, the Bible, and the Ecological Crisis

This thoughtful study explores the Scriptures for guidance on today’s ecological crisis, provides a biblical basis for thinking about our world differently, and prompts us to consider changing our own actions.



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Being Reformed: Stewardship of Creation

Explore the biblical bases for our care of creation along with sessions on being environmentally friendly at home, at church, and in the world.

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Faith Questions: God’s Creation

This four-session study for youth explores the questions:


How Are We Related to God’s Creation?

What Does the Old Testament Say about Taking Care of Creation?

What Would Jesus Recycle?

What Else Can I Do to Be a “Green” Christian?

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